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Thanks to you dad

June 17, 2012
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nfortunately I missed writing something about how amazing my mom is on mothers day (Sorry mom! You know how much I love you!) Since today is fathers day and I can only reflect on how many amazing men I have in my life to look up to. Most of all, I look up to my dad. He is always positive, joyful and loving to those around him and I cant help but pray that I will have the same attitude as life continues on.  
There are so many things my parents have taught me growing up but the one thing that sticks out the most, is to believe in myself. One thing I know for sure, is that I can do anything I put my heart and mind to. Thanks to you dad, I believe this is true. Thank you for being such an incredible example to live my life by and I hope I can also live life as joyfully as you do.  
Happy Fathers Day... I love you!

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