alix and Nate : San Clemente Engagement session

December 27, 2010
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first met Alix my junior year at Point Loma Nazarene University. We were roommates. The kind of roommates that stayed up late and chatted about boys on our bunk beds and laughed about our funny embarrassing stories together. Being a new transfer student, Alix really helped me feel at home. Alix sees life in a beautiful way. Her constant smile and loud personality is what I love the most about her. She is genuinely one of the sweetest people you will ever meet so when I heard about her and a new boy, I wasn't surprised when she said she loved him. Mid semester, Alix came back to our dorm with a HUGE smile and found herself completely smitten about a particular guy she had just met. We had new stories to share about her recent dates with this boy Nathan. I can't think about Point Loma without thinking about Alix and the good times we shared in our dorm room. 
Nathan soon became the special guy Alix fell in love with. A bit later into the semester, Alix invited me to dinner with the two of them and her brother who was in town. After dinner, we made our way back to Nate's dorm to watch a movie. We walked into the dorm and I met Nathan's roommate Stephen on the top bunk. We shook hands and little did I know, I would fall madly in love with Nate's roommate and marry him. I have to give a SPECIAL thanks to Alix and Nathan for being a part of introducing Stephen and I to each to each other. The four of us have experienced so many good times together, including one night at Chili's we just cant speak of :) and so many more great times to come.  
I cannot say enough good things about these two and their future together. These two are some of the most beautiful people inside and out I have ever met and cannot WAIT to be a part of their wedding day this April. To see a slideshow of the day, click HERE
You two are BEAUTIFUL.
Alix and Nate skateboard together so we brought them along for props. LOVE THESE!
Alix, you are gorgeous.

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